[talk-au] [OpenStreetMap] intersections

Sam Wilson sam at archives.org.au
Tue Nov 29 06:35:49 GMT 2011

On Tue, November 29, 2011 1:47 pm, Ben Johnson wrote:
> However, we need to break these rules in order to put small but
> important isolated townships "on the map", so it's a case where
> tagging for the renderer is accepted, but it's something that I'm not
> comfortable with and is a perfect example to demonstrate a need for
> assisted rendering tags.

I think you've hit the crux of it there, though: that we don't necessarily
need to be tagging for the renderer, but rather tagging to indicate
*importance* (which is obviously something quite different from population or
whatever other quantitative tag is used), and then letting the renders make
sense of that.  Air strips fall into the reverse category quite often, I think
(there's some part of Texas I think it was, that I was looking at a little
while ago, and at one zoom level it looked like the whole countryside was
covered in airports and no towns!).

- Sam.

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