[talk-au] Missing street signs in Sydney

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 06:24:40 BST 2011

Steve Bennett wrote

"Or maybe the difference between people who think all "navigation"
takes place on four wheels and the rest of us."

It's interesting that you choose to use the "I presume to speak for lots of
other people and imply that there are way more of us than there are or you"

If you were to use a statistical approach to the issue, I firmly believe
that you would find that a significant majority of people that
need/use/pay-for accurate mapping, are in an area unfamilar to them and are
either on foot or more likely on 4-wheels.

In either case they will need street names, that need to be collected
locally, and if on 4-wheels, then turn restrictions are vital for safety.
Another point is that walkers and cyclists  can easily and safely pull over
and stop to consult the map and make sense of it compared to what they see
around them.

Motorists usually don't have this advantage and therefore it is critical
that their maps must be completly accurate and up-to-date.
I also think that cycle paths must be surveyed rather than traced, since it
is vital to note  any local issue that may catch a fast moving cyclist
unawares.  Fortunately, I believe Canberra has been expertly mapped is this

Therefore my stance is that any map that has roads without the turn
restrictions or correct names (as shown on the street sign) should be
considered (at best) just as good as google,teleatlas navteq sensis
etc,etc,etc.....  (and that, IMNSHO,is not not very good at all.

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