[talk-au] Outback Survey Charleville Qld

Chris Barham cbarham at pobox.com
Mon Sep 12 02:12:02 BST 2011

Just had an impromptu  couple of days in Charleville, Qld and got some
surveying done. It became clear early on that I needed a vehicle to
get anything meaningful done, and was lucky in that I managed to get a
4WD from Avis. This also meant I managed to get a couple of trips in
to Augenthella and Morven with the GPS on the dash.
Had a brilliant time out there, if you get a chance go visit! Am still
updating the map data over the next few days, but the result so far is
I've probably made a few errors, as my notes got a bit scrappy towards
the end, please check it out and give me the heads up if you spot
something obviously wrong!


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