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On 6 September 2011 19:33, Andrew Harvey <andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com> wrote:

> With the use of source tags you won't have to, you can filter out
> anything without source=survey leaving you with a map with just
> surveyed data (in theory). You filtering out data you don't like is a
> much better option than forcing everyone else to not have access to
> that data just because you don't like it. (I'm thinking of the case
> where you have some area/features that no one is currently mapping by
> local_knowledge, and some kind soul helps out by tracing the
> area/feature that no one else has added from a ground survey yet).
> (but this will omit stuff which was originally traced, but then
> confirmed via survey without the need to update the source tags as
> nothing was updated)

Had a bit of a look into this..

Of all the ways in Australia, less than 50% have source tag for how the
location/name information was derived.

Of those that do, around half indicate some form of imagery was used as the
source (it seems that we are a country of tracers :-).

Interestingly enough, around a quarter of ways traced from imagery are
named, with no source tag indicating of how the name of the way was derived,
could you say that at least some of these have been surveyed without being
tagged accordingly?  Or could you even think something more sinister?

My conclusion - there is no way I can see in Australia to reliably construct
a surveyed or traced data-set based on the tagged source information as it
now exists.

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