[talk-au] ODbL data.gov.au permission granted

Andrew Harvey andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 11:08:08 BST 2011

On Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 4:43 PM, Andrew Harvey <andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've just sent an enquiry to the AGIMO asking if this is true because
> the LWG has given no proof.
> Just like others I would like to know if the AGIMO has the authority
> to do a blanket license grant on other agencies data, or if they have
> actually received this special permission from each agency who's data
> is on data.gov.au.
> Thirdly if this is true, then I feel this is shockingly poor behaviour
> of the AGIMO. To grant special permissions exclusively to one party,
> which is made even worse when done behind closed doors... I would very
> much welcome less restrictive licensing of government owned data, but
> to give special privilege to OSM but no one else isn't very good
> behaviour of a Government in my humble opinion.

Righto, I've got a response from the AGIMO. They have clarified that
they have not granted any additional license to OSM. OSM can only use
the data under the existing licenses (i.e. the existing CC licenses).

>From my understanding of the response I got from the AGIMO, the AGIMO
provided clarification on the attribution requirement of the CC
licenses applied to the government datasets. The AGIMO said OSM is
required to attribute the authors [of the government CC licensed
datasets], and they are happy with the attribution OSM gives on the

The AGIMO are also happy for end users of OSM data [where that OSM
data contains CC gov data] to attribute the data as from OSM, and then
have OSM attribute the government source. So in other words they are
happy for their attribution to be chained through the works.

My understanding all along was you have the OSM database, that
database is a collective/collaborative work, and every contributor
owns the copyright/join copyright to the parts of the database that
they have contributed. Any users of the OSM database must attribute
all the individual copyright holders as per the CC-BY-SA license, but
most OSM contributors seem happy with OSM data users attributing "OSM
Contributors" with a link to OSM.org, where in turn they can find more
fine grain attribution via the planet dump or API.

However, if the OSMF wanted to license the OSM database which included
CC-BY data.gov.au works under a license where map images made from
such data need not provide any attribution, then OSMF doesn't have the
rights to grant that right, as they don't own the copyright to
data.gov.au data, nor do they have permission to license such data
under a license that does not require any form of attribution for
produced works. That is my concern, however I'm not really up to speed
with produced works and that whole area, so any pointers of my flaws
are quite welcome.

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