[talk-au] import of state borders?

Michael Krämer ohrosm at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 16:25:55 BST 2012

Ok, I'll try to summarize and comment the feedback:

The ABS datasets are probably not first choice in terms of accuracy. In 
lack of a better alternative this would lead to the question whether to 
use what's available or leave the borders missing. I think this decision 
should be made by the Australian community.

By the way, I compared the datasets directly with what's in the map 
today. For existing borders of National Parks etc. they seem to be 
identical - this would at least give consistency.

Another point is to make sure not to delete manually surveyed data. This 
shouldn't be a problem as I would not delete anything at all. I'm not 
considering a bulk import but more a selective import to close the gaps.

The reason for using datasets from data.gov.au basically them being 
ODbL-compliant according to [1]. But this should also allow the use of 
the most recent dataset for the electoral boundaries [2].


[2] http://data.gov.au/638

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