[talk-au] import of state borders?

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Fri Aug 24 21:44:33 BST 2012

On 24/08/12 21:24, Nick Hocking wrote:

> One spot where my GPS traces don't indicate the border is on the
> extension to Hugh Mackay Crescent.  John, does your information of
> this area (Bicentennial Natiuonal Trail) indicate where the border
> is?

I deleted all my GPS data from that area.  Way back then, I didn't
foresee any need to keep it, as I do these days.

But my clear recollection from many trips to that area is that this gate
http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/258492338/history is exactly on
the border.  And that the border follows this fence-line (at least in
the vicinity of the gate):

Likely the final position I gave the gate was quite accurate.  I mapped
that area on bicycle and tend to use the averaging feature on my Garmin
for 30 seconds or so to refine the position of nodes like gates.


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