[talk-au] Back in editing - Tracks and 4wd areas

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Thu Jan 5 20:17:26 GMT 2012

Ross Scanlon <info at 4x4falcon.com> wrote:
> Ok so if your mapping every 10m and the first 10m is 2wd and then
> the next is 4wd the remainder of the track becomes 4wd_only.
> Read the wiki:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:4wd_only%3Dyes
> It's quite specific as to what constitutes a 4wd.

But not what constitutes a 4WD-only track, or how to indicate the
difference between 4WD-only signposted and "I don't think a 2WD can
drive here", which as I've pointed out isn't accurate, or how to
indicate only modified vehicles with diff locks, upgraded suspension and
winches are suitable, or how much driver skill is required.

> And all your's below has been discussed before.

I've seen previous discussions but no evidence of any conclusions. The
wiki page you linked helps only to define what a 4WD vehicle is
(Landcruiser yes, Forester no, rally car no). It's not nearly as simple
as 4wd_only=yes/no.
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