[talk-au] Centenary Hwy / Cunningham Hwy Junction (the Ipswich one)

Mark Pulley mrpulley at lizzy.com.au
Fri Jan 6 01:40:11 GMT 2012

Is anyone here familiar with the junction of the Centenary and  
Cunningham Highways south of Ipswich? (Not the other junction at Darra.)


East of the junction, on approaching the junction the Cunningham  
Highway divides into two - I'd guess each branch is probably one way -  
but on the current map the westbound branch only goes to  
Ipswich-Boonah Road. There is a GPS trace  going from this branch  
(just after the Centenary Highway bridge) to the highway bridge over  
Ipswich-Boonah Road, but no way has been entered yet - is this part of  
the current highway? (There are also some traces from former  
alignments prior to the construction of the Centenary Highway.)

(When I passed this way in late November, I only went eastbound onto  
the Centenary Hwy, so didn't look at the westbound alignments.)

Mark P.

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