[talk-au] Apology and Re: Mass revert now??

David Findlay david at woodypointcomms.com.au
Sat Jan 7 22:35:32 GMT 2012

Firstly I must apologize to John Smith and others in regard to my rant yesterday. At first I was unaware of the issues and even the existence of the fork. I'm happy that at least the improvements I'm making won't entirely disappear forever. I'm still quite peeved about the fork though. I don't think fosm will last seeing as it only really seem to be an issue in Australia. 

I think that probably I should continue to edit the OSM stuff as it is for now then see what we're left with after. I can always retag from my records after the split. It seems many of the streets in contention will still exist, just moved. I'm hoping the new tags I've added to them will survive though. Thanks,


On 07/01/2012, at 4:24 PM, John Smith <deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 7 January 2012 16:13, David Findlay <david at woodypointcomms.com.au> wrote:
>> before common mobile phones had GPS built in. They are marked as Author
>> "JohnSmith" who seems to be an anal retentive prick. It looks to me like a
> I just love the admiration people give out for those that spent a lot
> of time and effort trying to make OSM the best map possible, only to
> throw away all the hard work and throw insults in the faces of people.
> No wonder people don't want to bother with OSM and it's petty politics
> and contribute to Google map maker instead, if any one ever asks me
> about OSM/OSM-F I just tell em not to bother any more they're
> schizophrenic attitudes towards contributors are like to change again
> in future and again they'll toss out even more data and
> contributors...

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