[talk-au] Apology and Re: Mass revert now??

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 00:20:36 GMT 2012

David wrote

"I can always retag from my records after the split"

Hi David,

It does seem that most of your work will survive.
Those maxspeed edits done by bots (under the userid of
JohnSmith or Rosscoe) will disappear without harm in April.
A lot of  them are incorrect so the accuracy of the OSM data
will actually improve a bit.

However some decliner edits will affect your work.

If you look at the intersection of Leichardt Avenue
and Amity Drive. It seems that you mapped this area well,
in 2007. Then in 2009 the user JohnSmith and also Rosscoe have
made minor improvements and "tweaks". This has, in a lot of
cases ended up with them being version1 "owners" of the roads
you mapped.

These will disappear with the licence change and the one bit
of Amity Drive that still has you in the histroy chain will be
left disconnected.

You will nedd to remap these bits from your original data and
you can also use Bing to put in that roundabout at
the intersection.

The real problem is that you can't easily see which of your
work is only tainted by the maxspeed bots and which has been
compromised by other decliner edits.

However I'm hopeful there may be a soultion to this problem
in the near future.

Till then you will need to inspect your work (way by way) to
check out the history chain, manually ignore any changes by
JohnSmith or Rosscoe that were only for masxpeed maxspeed:source
or source:maxspeed, and then concentrate on what of your
information is at risk from any other decliner edits.

You will find that decliners have put in roundabouts,
straightened roads, added turning circles etc.

The turning circles are good to be there but there removal
is not an issue unless an acceptor has subsequently tied a
footpath to it, so it would be usefull for you to delete the
decliners turning circle, the whole node not just the tag and
re add it from your info (or Bing).

This is a lot of work (you should see the hammering I'm giving the
history database) but will result in the minimal damnage to our data
come April.

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