[talk-au] Apology and Re: Mass revert now??

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Sun Jan 8 03:31:56 GMT 2012

On 08/01/12 11:11, Peter Watson wrote:
> If a way is cut to add a bridge or whatever the second part becomes
> yours as V1 but the nodes will still be the original contributors. Hence
> a seemingly good way with red nodes. This is outlined on the wiki under
> remapping.

This is new information, ie the way that was originally here now has a 
bridge, roundabout, whatever, in the middle and is composed of the two 
ways either side of it.  It's not as Nick suggest that the original 
information is changed in it's entirety only certain sections that are 
new info and hardly the fault of the person editing as it's part of the 
way osm works.

 > I am actively remapping areas which I have surveyed previously. I am
 > suprised some mappers are still adding data to ways that are red because
 > these will go I am certain, and I don't want to wait till April and
 > still have to remap these areas.
 > Peter W

Some people just don't subscribe to the mailing lists and so are 
unlikely to receive the information that these edits will be lost.


>         However some decliner edits will affect your work.
>         If you look at the intersection of Leichardt Avenue
>         and Amity Drive. It seems that you mapped this area well,
>         in 2007. Then in 2009 the user JohnSmith and also Rosscoe have
>         made minor improvements and "tweaks". This has, in a lot of
>         cases ended up with them being version1 "owners" of the roads
>         you mapped.
>     Impossible for either to be version one owners if we edited existing
>     data.  It could only be for new information added.

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