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Hi again Don,

Just seen the original post, here is another answer...

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> 1/ In our area there are a number of small sections of road subject to
> flooding, generally they are at small bridges/ causeways and the like. I
> can't work out how they should be marked, can some one advice me please?
> 2/ I have seen in the guide about rural addressing but can't see any
> examples in the maps. Is no one bothering with setting up rural
> addressing? I actually can't work out about the tagging to set the start
> end, which is why I was looking for examples.
> 3/ I saw stuff somewhere about gates etc, but now can't find it and I
> want to know how to tag stock grids, how?
> 4/ Is it correct that you have to 'trace' over your GPS trace in order
> to form a way in potlatch 1.4? Do you have to do that in other editors,
> potlatch2 ran so slow for me its use was not feasible, I notice there
> are other editors that can be downloaded and run locally, are they a
> better option?

Yes, you have to trace over the GPS trace. The reason is that the GPS trace
will produce more points that are really necessary. But most importantly,
the GPS trace is never entirely accurate. So you need to fix the errors.
For example, you can check if there are GPS traces left by someone else,
and use your knowledge of the area.

I'm pretty sure there was documentation for beginners that explains this
sort of things. You may try here:


Happy mapping,

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