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Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Thu Jul 19 11:01:27 BST 2012

Hi All

Well still reading through the emails and thanks for a few links.  I will gradually work my way around to them.  Sort of have a half time mapping and half time making map rule.  The hardest thing is get a conceptual overview of things.

Anyway the breakthrough came successfully installing the java development kit.  Then I found how to test mkgmap by asking for help and found it was installed and working.  But stuffed if I could get it to produce a IMG file so went down the cyclemap path and downloaded the cyclemap.TYP file.  In reading John's posts I get the feeling that is where the flexibility I need to optimise the maps for walking will come from.  Took a while to drop to that the cyclemap.TYP needs to be in a subdirectory called cyclemap.  Here is the link http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Cycle_map

Used this command on the *.OSM file I exported from OSM viewing screen

java -jar mkgmap.jar --style-file=cyclemap --list-stylesAn out came an *.img file!!!!!!

Ok, it has mountains at 300 metre zoom level along with walking tracks but given that cyclemaps is for a peddle powered adventurer I am not surprise.  Ok next step getting mountains to appear at higher levels along with tracks.  So thanks John for the clues on doing that.  Now just have to figure it out how.

So I have found some interesting things so far.  OSM file came out at close enough to 8mb while the IMG a mere 108KB.  Pretty impressive data compression.

Next steps.

1. Getting OSM data for all of Tassie as the export from OSM size is about twenty kilometres by twenty kilometres.
2. Changing the zoom levels optimize for walking tracks, huts and mountains.

Also rather puzzled by the size limits of mkgmap.  Garmin will support IMG files up to 4Gb (must be FAT limit) so the limitation must be with mkgmap.  I would dearly like to get all of Tassie on one IMG file.  

Anyway thanks for the help and pointers.

Cheers Brett
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