[talk-au] Redaction progress

Andrew Gregory andrew.gregory at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 07:52:09 BST 2012

While I consider the whole redaction thing necessary from a global POV, it
is still disappointing to see the loss of data. My home "town" of Perth
seems to have survived relatively well, but it feels like some vandal has
danced across the map and deleted lots of little things at random. I'm
particularly pleased that my extensive efforts to map the northern suburbs
appears mostly intact. There is a large hole in Duncraig for some reason,
but that's just the next suburb over so I'll be able to give it some close
personal attention!

> Let's give it a few days, and come to terms with the effort we're facing
> the kind of changes required before deciding the response we need.

I'm planning to wait until the entire redaction process is complete before
doing anything. I'm sure the servers are busy enough for the moment...

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