[talk-au] Redaction progress

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Fri Jul 20 13:59:22 BST 2012

The untagged nodes are left on purpose they may be helpful in recreating
geometry where there is no other means (if you don't need them .. get
rid of them).


Am 20.07.2012 14:19, schrieb SomeoneElse:
> John Henderson wrote:
>> I wonder if the untagged nodes are scheduled to be cleaned up
>> automatically?
> Those tended to crop up even vefore the redaction process (failed
> imports etc.) and people used to tidy them evey now and again
> (hopefully after checking that they're not part of something, or going
> to be part of something).
> I doubt that there's a grand plan by the people running the redaction
> bot to do this (although you could ask on the #osm-dev IRC channel -
> someone there would probably know) but I'm sure that once the
> bot-and-import ban is lifted, people will come along and tidy stuff
> like that.
> Cheers,
> Andy
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