[talk-au] Getting back into it

Ben Johnson tangararama at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 20:03:43 BST 2012

Hi all,

Just re-introducing myself... This is Ben from the Central Coast (NSW). I've been off the grid for a while... some of you might remember I'm a Sydney-based train driver, and I re-mapped most of Sydney's rail network before the redaction... it took weeks of solid work and I "burnt myself out" in the process and lost interest in the whole thing.

But i have been quietly lurking and watching in horror as the redaction progressed.

I now feel i need to get back into it. If nobody else is doing it, I'm going to try fixing up Hawkesbury River this week...  I like Paul Haydon's suggestion of a hierarchy of priorities and maybe staring by focusing attention on major waterways and arterial roads... so that's the approach I'm going to take... but I'm going to mix the approach with maintaining a focus on the local areas and features I know best.


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