[talk-au] New Australian Aerial Imagery

Grant Slater openstreetmap at firefishy.com
Sun Mar 11 00:58:22 GMT 2012


I am pleased to introduce new grayscale imagery for all of Australia
at 2.5 metre resolution.

“The Australian Geographic Reference Image” is produced by Geoscience
Australia and made available under Australian Creative Commons
Attribution 2.5.


JOSM tms url: tms:http://agri.openstreetmap.org/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png
Potlatch background url (Background > Edit> Add):
http://agri.openstreetmap.org/$z/$x/$y.png (Will be added to Potlatch
imagery default in a few days.)

Recommended source tag: source=AGRI

The positional accuracy seems to be excellent. I have already used the
imagery to add a few missing railway line sections in Western
Australia. It takes a little while to get used to the imagery being
grayscale. In JOSM I’ve found it helpful to add some colour to the
imagery by overlaying the imagery over a Bing background with AGRI
layer set slightly transparent.

Geoscience Australia’s IP and Copyright Manager has confirmed that the
attribution requirement does NOT carry through to tracings derived
from the aerial imagery.
Quote: “The attribution requirement does not have to carry through to
the tracings from the aerial imagery.” - IP and Copyright Manager,
Geoscience Australia

The service is very much in beta at the moment and may go offline for
testing and revision at times. It will also likely take me a few weeks
to fix the black overlap issues. I’ll also make the 2950GB of source
imagery files available once I have worked out a suitable hosting

Thank you to:
- Andrew Harvey for pointing out that the imagery was available:
- OSMF for supplying hardware + funding for the purchase of the imagery.
- Geoscience Australia

Happy mapping.


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