[talk-au] unsealed and 4x4 roads revisited

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Fri Nov 2 23:55:54 GMT 2012

Folks, following some suggestions off-list I have rewritted the
proposed unsealed roads section on

Emphasis has now been placed on the roads people are thinking about
rather than the tags used. Makes it a bit more friendly to someone
wanting help describing a particular road. As the intention of the
text has not changed much and no one seemed unhappy with it, I'll
publish it in a couple of days if no further objections are received.

As a follow on, I intend to start lobbying to -

1. Get unsealed roads and 4x4 roads clearly marked as such on (eg)
slippery map in OSM web site.
2. Get the tracktype tag expanded to grade6 and grade7 being
equivalent to our 4wd_only tags
3. Get tracktype recognized as not just applying to highway=track.


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