[talk-au] NSW Alphanumeric routes

Mark Pulley mrpulley at lizzy.com.au
Sun Nov 4 09:48:26 GMT 2012

The NSW RTA has a web site up on the new alphanumeric routes, including maps of the new routes.


I was wondering when we should update the route numbers to the new routes.

Some have already been done, e.g. A41 (Bathurst to Albury via Mid Western and Olympic Highways) - the road signs for this went up several years ago (although some have since been coverplated).

I am thinking that some would definitely be OK to do now (e.g. convert NR 32 (Great Western/Mitchell/Barrier Highways) to A32, as the number is similar)

I'm not so sure about updating some other routes (e.g. Oxley Highway NR 34 becomes B56, Snowy Mountains Highway NR 18 becomes B72) - as the numbers are different, are these best left until the route number signs change on the ground?

(Also, are we allowed to use the RTA web site as a source for an ODBL database like OSM?)

Mark P.

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