[talk-au] tagging 4WD and dirt roads - I give up.

Paul HAYDON cadmanager at live.com.au
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Hi Everyone, I've been watching this thread, but for the most part have considered it beyond my area of expertise/experience.  I do own a 4WD, but not the serious sort that might be required for some of the extreme conditions which have been described.  (Okay, it's an Outback - so a decent vehicle, but not purchased for such purposes described on this thread). However, I do think it IS a worthwhile discussion, and certainly one worthy of resolution.  Now for my two cents worth... Adrian made the following comment:"...there must be a visual and electronic indication that a major road is unsealed or requires a specialised vehicle - "Having just re-read Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's "Long Way Round", it occurs to me that in many of these countries (at least, once they left Europe) the roads(?) described might warrant OSM classification as "Primary" at the very least, perhaps even "Trunk" in some instances.  And yet, they put their bikes on a train to bypass some of these horrors!  And of course, similar circumstances can be found througout the Australian Outback. And BTW, are river crossings tagged sufficiently (thinking back to the "Long Way Round")?  I haven't checked, but you 4WD enthusiasts probably know... So I AGREE, some method of rendering to represent the condition of these roads (despite their hierarchy) would be invaluable.  Cheers,Paul.> ------------------------------
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 Hi, adrian here, yeah don't assume no rpelies means no support - Ive just been waiting for the "its time to vote" email. Think that the idea for extending tracktype is great. Think that the argument to use is that if OSM wants to be considered global then it is just common sense that there must be a visual and electronic indication that a major road is unsealed or requires a specialised vehicle - there are many places in the world where this is the case. And I think there is nothing to be feared in subjectivity - all mapping is subjective, in the end. Otheriwise we would tag a road with width, surface,colour, construction method, traffic flow, traffic destination, speedlimit etc and ask the renderer to deduce that it is a primary or secondary road. This process has been formalised in the case of most roads by a governemnet agency - but it is still subjective - we are just all so used to it that it seems objective. Subjective information from a local oe experienced traveller -  is invaluable and should be embraced - not discouraged. That's why guide books and sketch maps are still widely used in specialist applications - eg bushwalking, skiing, rockclimbing etc.  So roll on election day.. Cheers. 

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