[talk-au] Tagging dirt and 4x4 roads - new approach

David dbannon at internode.on.net
Thu Nov 15 23:06:06 GMT 2012

Sorry folks, its me again !

A number of people have indicated that they agree we need to address this issue even if they don't particularly like my first go at it. So lets determine just what people here really do want.

How about we vote for one of the several broad solutions possible ? I have put together a list of all the solutions mentioned in our recent discussion, if I missed one, please feel free to add it. See -


I am right in saying other people with OSM credentials can edit my discussion page ?  Please advise me if you cannot !

You can and should vote for or against several options if you feel so inclined.

I suggest this might be better than more mailing list discussion, at present that discussion, while positive and good natured is covering too much space. If we agree on a broad model, we can then refine that if necessary on the list.


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