[talk-au] Historical rail lines

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Mon Nov 26 02:38:24 GMT 2012

> From: Alex Sims [mailto:alex at softgrow.com]
> Subject: Re: [talk-au] Historical rail lines
> On 26/11/2012 10:38 AM, mick wrote:
> > I'm in two minds about removing 'historical' data.
> >
> > Yes, objects no longer visible on the ground shouldn't be rendered on
> the map.
> I've been following this discussion with interest. We do mark and should
> mark administrative boundaries which are not visible on the ground. Can
> the logic for these boundaries which be usefully extended to historical
> data?

The subject of historical rail lines and historical roads came up on the
talk-us@ mailing list relatively recently.

As always, there were multiple views. The result of the discussion was that
the general view is that historic information only belongs in OSM when there
is some trace on the ground.

As a practical matter, historic roads are not generally mapped in OSM.
Whenever a road is physically realigned and the new alignment mapped in OSM
the old alignment is not saved as a separate way. If I survey the area I
only look at how it looks now so I don't know if the old alignment in the
database is because it was aligned that way in the past or because the data
was inaccurate.

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