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 Yes Stephen, I quite agree. I would not want decisions like that
taken away from the end user. But maybe the warning should point out
that in most cases, a junction node is required. I know that now but
seems there is no easy way for a new comer to find out. (I have been
submitting tracks for  several years.) Maybe I'll have a play with
the wiki....

Anyway, that "keep right" website highlighted my errors from way back,
and a heap of others, its a pretty useful tool. I have fixed a few and
will keep at the ones I know about.


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Well, there's a couple of reasons why you might want to save it anyway
with roads close together but not joining, so JOSM can't force you not
to save it.  They might not actually join.  There's a couple of
examples near me where roads end less than a meter away from another
road, but don't join up.  Service roads, minor suburban streets and
main streets where they used to join, but the main road has so much
traffic now they've cut the connection, and a case where two new
subdivisions had a road that was supposed to join, but the first guy
stopped about a half meter short of the line, and the second one
wouldn't pay the extra, so there's a tiny gap between the roads, and a
 Also, you might have been working on some other portion of the road,
and not near where the error is. Just last week I fixed some stuff at
one end of a road, and when I went to save it, it warned of errors at
the other end, but I can't do anything about them until I go down
there and see what the problem is.  I still want to save the work
I've done so far, though. 


On 13 October 2012 15:25,  wrote:
Gee, thats pretty revealing !

I see a number of error there that I suspect I may have made, in
particular relating to ways that are close but don't join another way.
I think this highlights a lack of a "best practice" document on how to
add ways to the map. I can remember getting warnings from JOSM on the
subject, but the warnings say something to the effect that don't let
that stop you from submitting the addition. 

Considering the great tools available and the incredible effort by so
many people, its a pity we don't have that "best practice", I suspect
there is concern it may scare people away !




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