[talk-au] The OSM ladder

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 22:52:18 BST 2012

Ok - my initial drawings, using JOSM and a tunnel width of 3 metres show
that this could end up being a matter of inches. I really have to find out
exact dimensions of the object and whether there is any flexability in it
so that we could "bend" it around the tunnel.

Also, if two tunnels are such a problem then are there any other object
close enought to the tracks (trees, signal posts, platforms) that could be
an issue. I don't think we need special rolling stock, two or three flat
beds with the object mounted on a swivel may suffice.

A more practical (though less fun and flashy) alternative is to just have
the object flown directly to Canberra rather than Sydney but this would
also mean organising Customs to be present in Canberra.

I can just see the conversation now.

"Do you have any wooden objects in your luggage to declare".......

Yes officer, just the one  :-)
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