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Nick… I'm not sure what you're doing, it sounds fascinating, mysterious and dangerous. I like it. Please let me know what path you're taking through Sydney so I can avoid the area completely... I don't want to crash a brand new $30m Waratah into your ladder!

This info from ARTC will be handy … http://www.artc.com.au/library/GI_05_loading_restrictions.pdf

Also, thank you for fixing those track sections at St Marys. Do you know what happened there?  

Given there was a derailment there 2 months ago, I find this a spooky co-incidence...

"Mr Eid said the derailment was under investigation and that he believed a component from a freight train fell onto the track."  …. a very large ladder, perhaps?  :-)

You might find this site an interesting source of tunnel information… but sadly no widths or loading gauges .  http://www.nswrail.net/infrastructure/tunnel.php

If you're interested in the evolution of loading gauges in NSW, I recommend a book published by the Australian Railway Historical Society called "The Electrification of Sydney and Suburban Railways" which explains the decision that lead to a new wide-bodied loading gauge adopted for construction of the Harbour Bridge and City Underground Railway… a bold move with ongoing repercussions today (e.g. you can't send a wide-bodied train such as an OSCAR any further west than Springwood without major and expensive modifications to the infrastructure -- so…. what happens to outer Blue Mountains train services once our narrow-bodied V-sets are eventually retired and replaced with OSCARs hmmm??). 

Finally… if you're confused by all these sizes, just remember it all gets back to the width of 2 horses asses. 


On 16/10/2012, at 6:30 PM, Nick Hocking <nick.hocking at gmail.com> wrote:

> Alex wrote
> "or a question about loading gauges that the ARTC might better answer?"
> Yes it would be better for ARTC to answer but before I bother them I would like to know if it is at all feasable.  Specifically,  I am concerned that one of the tunnels between Queanbeyan and Bungendore may well be too sharp and since I'm sure it was not mapped by proper survey but just by connecting the two ends with some sort or curve,  I may well have to get the object offloaded at Bungendore and trucked in from there.
> I'd imagine the curves should be ok for a 50 metre object but I'm not at all sure.
> Nick
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