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Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 07:37:59 BST 2012

John wrote  "I've been giving you a bit of a hand there, but mainly outside

Thanks John,   all help very much appreciated.  Once I finish Canberra I
will start helping out to clear "keep right" errors in Sydney.
Keep right is the best method, in m,y view, since it gives immediate
feedback on what errors still need to be fixed and also an indication
of how much good work you've just done - both important things, I believe.

I hope it was not mne that left those disconnections in Cootamundra, I'm
 always very careful about that even if I'm no so fussy that the road
corners are untra smooth and pretty or conversely that I use the absolute
mimimum number of nodes and end up with really ugly ways.   Cootra was half
mapped before I got there and I don't recall cleaning it up with keep right
so maybe the disconnections were not me (hopefully).

PS Candelo also needs remapping (along with Cobago)

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