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Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Thu Jun 27 02:08:08 UTC 2013


I am gradually coming up to speed with JOSM but left with the strong impression why do things have to be so vague with the instructions?  A classic example is I believe that Scanaerial could be ideal for speeding up my adding of small bodies of water but the instructions are, well, useless on how to install it.  So I read the instructions on installing plugins.  As it needs ExtTools I went to install that plugin.  Yeap followed the instructions but where the heck does the box appear, and how do I make it appear?  The status report confirms that I have installed it.  As for the rest of the installation I am lost.  Not helped by google searches that brought up a site that led me to installing useful tools that then got busted by my virus checker and another site came up as potentially harmful.  Yeap our Russian friends are up to their usual scamming.

I understand command line commands but this half command line and graphic install process has me totally confused and Wiki on OSM appears to have more contradictions than our current federal politics.  What is so hard about writing simple installation steps?

So can someone please help me with installing Scanaerial and even something as simple as, "yes it is worth the effort to learn", or "it is a great idea but has more holes than Swiss cheese".

Thanks you again for your help into my voyage into geekdom.

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