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I had a bit of a go at the missing street names last night and have
developed a workflow and and measures. I'd invite any armchair mappers
to help me on this. 

I'm getting through about 100 missing names per hour so there is about
28 hours of armchair mapping here that will help quite a bit. I've
done most of the bit between Churchill Road, Grand Junction Road,
Hampstead Road and the ring route.

Sum the number of missing names and major roads for each OSMI update
using the following scripts: As of 2013-11-26 20:52  (UTC) its 304
major and 2607 minor = 2911 total

-O - | grep ms:way_id | wc -l

-O - | grep ms:way_id | wc -l

step 1 - Identify a rectangular area (bounding box) to work on from
step 2 - Download Roads.zip from http://data.sa.gov.au/dataset/roads
which has street names in it
step 3 - Create a new vector layer in QGIS from roads.zip (takes a
minute or two)
step 4 - select the bounding box identified in step 1 in QGIS (the
bounding box tool is in a pull-down icon)
step 4 - export the selected objects in this layer to a new shapefile.
This gives something that JOSM will load quickly
step 5 - Open up JOSM and open the shapefile from step 4 (needs the
OpenData plug in), this should be fairly quick and painless
step 6 - As a new layer, download part of the area identified at step
1 to work on
step 7 - press validate
step 8 - for each unnamed way identified at step 7, zoom to it and
then alter the visible layer to identify the name, then edit in the
correct name and use a tag "source:name"="data.sa.gov.au". Remove
fixme=name tags if present
step 9 - repeat steps 7 and 8 until no unnamed ways are left
step 10 - time permitting have a look at other JOSM identified
validation errors
step 11 - repeat step 6 to 10 until the whole area is covered
step 12 - repeat steps 1 to 11 until all of Adelaide is fixed


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Currently we’ve identified that there are several areas of OSM which
require tagging for pedestrian access, which impacts our open trip
planning routing options.


	·         Street Address Limitations ( missing streets and
street numbers)

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