[talk-au] DataSet: Victoria: Parks and Conservation Reserves

Adam Horan ahoran at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 00:20:12 UTC 2015

Hi All,


I'm trying to understand if this datasource is covered by the existing
permissions that are referenced on

I see on that page that data has been incorporated from data.vic.gov.au but
i don't see any supporting discussion similar to what exists for the
data.gov.au references.

I'm not currently looking to do an automated import or anything, but to use
the dataset for validation and tagging of existing reserve and park
boundaries etc. The dataset also includes protected status indicators and
IUCN codes.
Most of the current reserves and national parks that i've looked at in VIC,
have no source or other indications about where the boundary information
has come from, and they include boundaries that are not visible on the
ground or via bing imagery etc.



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