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Phil (The Geek) Wyatt phil at wyatt-family.com
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There is certainly a mixed bag in Tasmania (only checked nodes)


+61 (0)3 6220 7100

+61 03 6239 3095

+61 3 6109 4621

(03) 6424 6762




1800 770 224


I think this is the correct format is it not? 


+61 3 6109 4621


What is the go with 1300, 000, 1800 numbers?


Cheers - Phil


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I've had a small look at what is presently in the data base.
There are a lot of phone numbers in there! 
I got a time out when I tried all of NSW, and reduced it down to Sydney and only nodes (no ways or relationships).
Some 637. I had not expected so many!
A small look and about half have +61 - leaving a rather large quantity in 'error'.
There will be a way of not downloading any with the leading prefix of +61. 
It would be a small matter to write a script that would add the correct prefix to these, being careful of the respective area codes.  
(spotted one with 61 - no leading +, there will be some with the area code 02 and the quantity of numbers would need to be tested to avoid obvious errors/software confusion)

On 06-Sep-17 02:45 PM, Andrew Harvey wrote:

All the numbers I've added include the +61 and drop off the leading zero from the area code or mobile. This makes the number work from wherever it is dialed and makes it universally unique.


So +1 to this format when tagging in OSM and noting this in the Australian Guidelines wiki. 


On 6 Sep 2017 2:37 PM, "Warin" <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:


On the tagging list it has come up that 'we' should be using international dialling codes for the phone numbers.

I'm not certain how many OZ mappers would be aware of these ..

and I think this should be documented on the wiki page http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Australian_Tagging_Guidelines


How many would know how to call a cell phone number from overseas?


Drop the leading 0 and prefix with +61

+61 4 xx xxx xxx

Same thing for 'our' local codes 02 becomes +61 2 xxxx xxxx.

I know my phone number additions are all local - no ISD or even regional codes.


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