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I got stuck in and cleaned up Tassie - hopefully all correct. I used Overpass API (phone=*) in JOSM and manually checked them all (about 150).


Interestingly, in some areas they were perfect and probably done by one person, in other areas lots of different formats. Hopefully folks will now see the correct way to add a phone number.


I would still love to know how to get data out to edit in a spreadsheet and then import back in if anyone has some clues. I am aware of the pitfalls and requirements for bigger imports.


Cheers - Phil



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Thanks Warin,


So what happens when you find a 1300, 1800 or 000 (found that on a fire station!) - leave them or delete them?


Can anyone guide me on extracting the data and then merging it back in after correction? I am happy to have a go at Tasmania that only has 149 phone numbers in total! Found that via Overpass Turbo.


Phil (aka tastrax....who did a few corrections in map roulette before realising there was probably 1,000's!)


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On 06-Sep-17 09:07 PM, Phil (The Geek) Wyatt wrote:


What is the go with 1300, 000, 1800 numbers?



1300, 1800 numbers are national only - no ISD access. Some of these have a 'local' number for ISD access. 

I would assume these are not OSM compatible at this time? 

000 .. you mean the emergency number? 

For cell phones that is 112 internationally .. though in some nations the emergency services don't share the same number so you might get the Police. 


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