[talk-au] Sidewalk vs Footpath?

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As much as it irks me to have Americanisms creep into our language (and it irks me a great deal!), I agree with you - sidewalk is more definitive.


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Subject: [talk-au] Sidewalk vs Footpath?
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Personally I refer to the path next to the road designed for pedestrians as the footpath, assuming sidewalk is an american term not really used in Australian English.

So I had set the translation of "sidewalk" in the iD editor for Australian English to Footpath, however it seems this is causing confusion and leading to people inadvertently tagging paths not going along side the road as a sidewalk.

At the moment iD has two presets "Foot path" (highway=footway) and "Footpath" (highway=footway, footway=sidewalk).

I see now that's just confusing, so I think we should just change this back to sidewalk as it's probably understood by most Australians and it's clearer about the distinction between highway=footway and highway=footway, footway=sidewalk.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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