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I'm not really concerned with the term.  Or even wanting to discuss the
philosophical arguments behind it.  Happy to use a different word if that
keeps the discussion focussed.  Although, personally I don't think we
should be frightened of it.  What we're doing here is self-censorship to
protect vulnerable groups and sites - and we're comfortable with that.

As to the practical nature of this discussion, we don't seem to have many
answers.  This just seems to be call to mappers to take care and consider
the impact of what they are mapping to the site.  And if that's it, I'm
fine with that.

The assumption that there is a group with one voice that we can use as
guiding and authoritative I don't think extends to many of these sites.
The notion of advertising and signposting is interesting, especially with
those sites that are well documented in guidebooks, blogs, etc, but locally
unsigned.  If I see a site that has been mapped, I can't actually figure
out how I could tell if I should remove it or not.  And as nothing in OSM
is every really deleted, should we have a policy to redact it?

But again, as many of these sites are available to anyone willing to spend
half an hour in a public library, it may be sufficient to just have this as
a guideline to mappers, and just add a thin layer of obscurity that seems
sufficient to reduce the risk from the instagrammers, etc.  If that's the


On Wed, 3 Apr 2019 at 19:39, Rory McCann <rory at technomancy.org> wrote:

> On 01/04/2019 12:27, Ian Sergeant wrote:
> > is this form of censorship practised anywhere else in OSM - maybe for
> > other indigenous people - that we could copy their model?
> I don't think "censorship" is a helpful term here.
> But there has been a practice in OSM to *not* map certain things, such
> as private/non-publicized domestic violence shelters, or the nesting
> sites of endangered birds. So the same logic applies here I think.
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