[talk-au] Rock Overhangs

Roger Browne roger.browne at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 06:22:22 UTC 2019

I've never been happy about "natural=cave_entrance", yet I have used it
several times because it seems to be the least bad of the tags currently in

The use of "amenity' is just wrong, because an amenity is something that is
provided for a purpose (such as a cafe, bicycle parking, a charging
station, a table, etc):
Furthermore, every other type of "shelter" has a deliberately-constructed
roof (hut, picnic shelter, changing shed, sunshade, etc).

A rock overhang is something natural that just exists. To my mind it
absolutely belongs under "natural". The ideal would simply be
"natural=rock_overhang". A map should tell it like it is, and not
complicate things by trying to "fit a square shelter_type into a round

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