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Discussion B: three shades of green
There are three areas along the Molonglo River in the ACT, each about 1-4 square km in size. All cover mostly in grass with the occasional dam, fences and creeks. But they are quite different in land use. One is a farm, one area is currently being built into a new suburb of Canberra, and the third is a nature reserve.
This is important but the access is different. The fist for the farmer, the second for the builders and the third for recreation. If you ride, run or walk about Canberra it is the last one that you are looking for and need to find on the map.
How to tag these three areas?
Currently, they are all green. Of particular interest, I think, are land use and permissions. Permission information is important for gates and paths and tracks within the area for the maps to be valuable for routing.
Link to the map:
The details:
Coppins Crossing Rd, ACT is being duplicated. On the west side, the new suburb of Whitlam is under construction. To the east is an area that will be developed into a suburb in a few years but currently is used for grazing stock (sheep and cattle). Both were used for agriculture until recently. On the other side of Whitlam is the Kama Nature Reserve.
I am interested in tagging land usage and permissions.
Further details for Whitlam
Developer: ACT Land Development Agency
Stages: 4
Dwellings:  600 in FY 2019, 600 in FY 2020, 500 in FY 2021, 400 in FY 2022
Keywords: construction, grassland, meadow, nature reserve, land use, permission, lifecycle, rural, multipolygon, ACT, Australia
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