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Hi Folks,


There was a proposal back in 2016 (well after the first use of the damage tag) and it seems to have stalled, maybe because tagging damage has been found to be less effective than hoped






maybe the discussion needs to be moved to the tagging list, if its deemed a worthy addition?


Cheers - Phil


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Just a quick note; HOT does not formally do damage tagging, mainly because no tagging schema exists. In the past, members of HOT tried various tagging but results for remote damage assessment were poor.

I personally would be glad to see a community driven tagging schema developed but if not we (HOT) will need to document what we come up with for usage in disaster response and recovery.

One glaring issue has been that typically the tags persist much longer than the damage.


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> Hi.
> It looks like HOT is using the tag 'damage' for something. It is not documented as to what it means. Further is this information kept current or just added and forgotten? In at least one case the tag goes back to 2011.


So it looks like that damage= key we were discussing needs to be documented, & I suppose go through the full RFC & so on basis for arguments :-(


However, I'd also suggest that whenever (without fail!), something is tagged as damaged=, it also has to have a fixme= added, so that it's (hopefully!) one day corrected.


The big problem there, of course, is when things are marked as damaged by remote HOT mappers, who is actually on site in that area to correct the map as buildings are either repaired or demolished, & when is aerial imagery of these areas likely to be updated?  





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