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Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 10:56:55 UTC 2021

On 1/8/21 7:09 pm, Bob Cameron wrote:
> Hi Warin
> Stock or pest control barriers that are somewhat replacing (and 
> sometimes doubling up on) road cattle grids.
> The ones I have mapped commonly comprise a fence line very close to 
> (both sides of) the road edge of maybe 5-10m length and parallel, then 
> two audible sonalert boxes (often with a solar panel/supply) at one 
> end, or middle off the close in fence. The boxes are usually mounted 
> on poles less than a metre high but I have seen some attached to the 
> fence hardware.

I'd map the fence, if it exists, separately. One physical object = one 
OSM entry... Of course like many things the mapper may cose to simply 
not map that but map the audio thing.

> Some confining fence lines I have seen are angled rather than parallel.
> Any stock or pest that wants to wander through gets channelled onto 
> the narrower road between the fences then blasted with sound when it 
> gets within maybe 5 metres. Vehicles also set off the alarms from 
> perhaps 20-30m away. Some (less than 10%?) of the barriers have sound 
> warning signs.
> In terms of a driving hazard there is the quite loud high frequency 
> sound and no road shoulder at the barrier.
> Since they are becoming more and more common I'd like to see the 
> consensus placed in the Aus taglines wiki


barrier=audio or some such as a node.

Easiest to map as a node on the road. More work to map as a node at the 
location of each device. which would be to the side of the road and not 
on it.

barrier:for=animal would make it clear to non ozie mappers.

Extra fluff with other tags like frequency=*, brand=* etc etc.

I wonder how cattle on cattle trucks handle it? Could leave a lot of 
effluent on the departure sides.

> Cheers
> On 1/8/21 5:32 pm, Warin wrote:
>> On 31/7/21 8:59 am, Bob Cameron wrote:
>>> Info only
>>> barrier=fence
>>> sensory=audible
>>> ie the squeaking screeching fences that supposedly replace cattle 
>>> grids. I asked for input some months ago on how to map.
>>> With the recent ID editor update there is now a warning that a fence 
>>> has to be a line, even though it is placed on the road.
>> The OSM wiki also claims a fence must be a line.
>> What physically is this 'screeching fence'?
>> Is it in the middle of the road like a cattle grid, or along the edge 
>> of the road?
>> A single pole with the device on it?
>> Or is it 2 poles on opposite sides of the road with devices mounted 
>> one them?
>> Or is it a series of poles along both sides of the road with devices 
>> on them?
>> While for simplicity using a node on the road is good for the mapper 
>> it is not good for the data consumer when used as a 'fence'. I would 
>> think it is more of a different kind of 'cattle grid'. If you want 
>> something that 'works' then use barrier=cattle_grid with 
>> method=acoustic, assuming this will be used instead of a cattle grid 
>> and possibly a replacement in future ... square peg in a round hole.
>> Or come up with something new
>> barrier=animal
>> method=acoustic
>> ???
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