[talk-au] Problems setting up MapRoulette Challenge

Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 00:58:58 UTC 2021

Rather than highjack Adam's thread any longer, tiem to set-up my own to try
& work out what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks everybody for input & suggestions!

I've noticed quite a few buildings tagged as "building:levels=0", which is
obviously wrong as it means they don't even have a ground floor! (& I know
that I'm responsible for some of them as I was confused about them as well,
probably over levels v layers?

So, when I do an OT search it brings back results eg
https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/19Pt, which apparently shows 13 buildings in &
around Perth with 0 levels.

I've then tried to set up a Roulette challenge to check these, but can't
get it to work? https://maproulette.org/admin/project/3119/challenge/20253
but you may not be able to see it as it says "Not Discoverable", despite
"Discoverable" being set to Yes?

Data source is:


    way(area.a) [building]


    out ids geom ;

but that (usually) runs through "Task Building" then brings up "No Tasks",
which, to me, means it can't find any buildings with level=0 in WA?

I'm guessing I've specified the search parameters wrong, so any advice will
be more than welcome!


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