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That would be logical, but motor bikes are classified as a vehicle and are
the only ones using this 'path' which ends up being mapped as a track via
the satellite picture.

Path does not imply motor bikes. 

Legally it is allowed to be used as a path, but motor vehicles are not

The motor bike tracks would be difficult to use as a walking track and also
for a bicycle.

If the tracks were reclassified as a path, it would at least show something
that is on the ground plus also imply that it is not allowed for vehicles.

What if the motor bike track is legal, how would you then classify the track
if it is not wide enough for any car?

Thanks Ian


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I've always mapped a track that's not wide-enough for a vehicle as a path.





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>>Question ? how to map a track that is only wide enough for a motor bike.
There is a track width tag but it doesn?t seem appropriate. 

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