[talk-au] Melbourne Intersections with duplicate ways and turn lanes

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Sun Sep 12 15:12:20 UTC 2021


I'm relatively new, but I wanted to bring something g to your attention.

I came across a couple of intersections that seemed overly complicated; 
they had lots of turn lanes drawn and were very messy. I created an 
account, learned the standards for intersections and tried my best to 
fix them. I started at Heidelberg Rd/Chandler Hwy, and then found more 
on Punt Road/Hoddle St. I changed those as best I could as well. Then I 
saw more, and more. Once I started looking, it was everywhere; 
intersections with multiple ways for lanes, two or three turn lanes with 
broken restrictions. The West Gate has some sections of parallel lanes 
as ways for a few hundred meters. Whenever I try and route using one of 
these intersections, there are multiple confusing steps and "forks" that 
don't exist in reality

Almost all the edits have been from one user; I've sent them a message 
on their most recent change set, but I'm daunted by the scale of the 
fixes required. Does this group have any suggestions on where and how to 

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