[talk-au] Suspicious amount of removed bicycle tags

Adam Horan ahoran at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 13:05:36 UTC 2021

I think I've tried to contact this user before.

However when I wanted to contact them it was for the opposite problem, they
were putting bicycle=yes on paths that didn't allow cycling. I have only
ever seen changeset comments of 'updates' , and I don't think I've seen a
source referenced other than the iD bing imagery.

They also do a lot of path -> footway/cycleway changes, and I've seen them
flip-flop those way types on ways they edited months before.

This recent changeset reverts a shared footpath & cyclepath next to
McClelland Drive to a footway. I know from going along there recently that
it is a shared path.

I think a lot that they do is valid and useful, however sourcing is
sometimes uncertain, the changeset comments are pointless, and there's many
incorrect edits.


On Sat, 18 Sept 2021 at 22:40, <forster at ozonline.com.au> wrote:

> Hi
> I have commented at Changeset: 111016252 way 304507133 has been
> changed from bicycle yes to bicycle no, I rode it today and saw no
> signage indicating this, this changeset has 88 ways with the comment
> "updates". A random survey shows lots of bicycle yes and designated
> removed. Lots of changed tags.
> 9 changeset(s) created by HighRouleur have been discussed with a total
> of 12 comment(s) - Replies by this contributor: 1
> changeset comments are nearly all "updates" with no explanation
> Ill see if I get a reply
> Tony
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