[OSM-talk-be] Usage of "access=designated" in Belgium

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Fri Aug 22 17:01:36 BST 2008

Ben Laenen wrote:

> In short, I haven't found any reason why one would use the designated 
> tag in Belgium. I just can't find a situation where a different tag is 
> needed than just "yes". So I'm wondering if other people know of any 

I've used access=destination on numerous occasions, but that's probably 
not what you had in mind when you wrote that.

> situations. I'd like to have some Belgian conventions written up for 
> this in the end so I'd like to hear other opinions.

The very same (legal) issues apply to The Netherlands, with the exact 
same examples you gave.

I'm doing the bulk of my mappings in Oost-Vlaanderen, so I'd be happy to 
see more consensus about which tags to use in which practical .be 
situation, and not just for this particular issue. And I agree with 
everything you wrote. This tag seems to be mostly without value for BE & NL.

Exceptions like http://www.wegcode.be/images/verkeerstekens/D7.gif 
(highway=cycleway) used together with 
http://www.wegcode.be/images/verkeerstekens/C19.gif (foot=no) can still 
be tagged. No need for the access=designated tag.


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