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Ben Abelshausen ben.abelshausen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 13:27:18 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I may have the opportunity to contribute to OSM in a pretty extensive way
but i'm not sure if it is doable or usefull.

We are a delivery company and we have distribution rounds but they are
stricly abstract; no mapping is involved, just lists of streets. We want to
import these round into a mapping system to calculate possible times,
distances, related costs, etc...We would do this by physically giving the
deliverers a gps-tracing device and importing these traces into the system.
Once for each round. We would redo this when new streets are needed that are
not on the map.

Because we are a small company we will not be able to buy maps so OSM is the
best option for us. We want to contribute by uploading our gps traces.

Now i have a few questions is this regard:

- How is the map evolving (specifically in the area of flanders). Are there
lots of mappers? How accurate are the maps already?

- Is it usefull to upload just the gps traces and can we then count on the
OSM-community to name the streets etc...? We have few people and even less
time to start naming all the streets. Are there perhaps people that want to
do this or will we have to do this mostly ourselves? The data would be
gradually available over a period of about six months.

- Is there a standard way of adding housenumbers (or ranges of) to the map?

- Is it ok to just start using the data? Almost all software will be custom

Part of our descision to go for OSM depends on the community that exists
already. If this project succeeds we would be adding over 40000 streets to
the map (and possibly much more) so it's at least worth considering! This
project is just starting so any suggestions, remarks,... are more than

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Best regards,

Ben Abelshausen
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