[OSM-talk-be] SOTM 2016 and meetings

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas at pettiaux.be
Sun Aug 23 21:02:19 UTC 2015

Dear OSM-be community,

We have engaged in the organization of organization of the 2016 edition 
of SOTM. So far, a smaller group of people around Ben, have lead the way 
to transform into reality a possible crazy but interesting idea that I 
have shared with you.

SOTM 2016 will be organized in the second half of 2016 in Brussels, and 
even it it is about one year ahead of us, this year will pass by very 

SOTM 2016 could, following Christian Quest of OSM-Fr (in cc), whom I 
have met recently, gather 1000 people. THis is not a small number of 
people. THe resulting event would not be a small one.
OSM-Fr people have decided NOT to propose to organize SOTM 2016, but 
work with us (the Belgians) to propose a beautiful and very interesting 
SOTM event.

I think it could interesting to open the discussion to more members of 
the community as well as to
these French friends, and organize regular events to 1/ see and get to 
know each other
in real life to be better prepared to share the workload, 2/ setup a 
large enough team to support the workload. We could consider monthly 
meetings supporting online effective collaboration.

I therefore propose herewith, if not yet proposed otherwise and 
compatible with Ben"s views and the SOTM expectations, to organize at 
ESI in September the first of such event to organize SOTM 2016 in 

What do you think ?

ESI is well located centrally, close to Central station, if has the 
infrastructure (as it is a computing school), and I can most probably 
obtain the room for free.

Hope to read you on this proposal.

Best regards,


Nicolas Pettiaux, phd  - nicolas at pettiaux.be
Open at work - Une Société libre utilise des outils libres

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