[OSM-talk-be] Type of environment - tags

Jan Vansteenlandt vansteenlandt.jan at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 22:08:42 UTC 2015

Hi all, (OSM newbie here)

I was searching through the taginfo section of the OSM project and I was looking for environmental data. e.g. “this place, or position at x,y is in a city area, and there’s also a canal nearby”
Now tags ofcourse only contain bits of information, but maybe there’s a prefix for a tag that contains specific information about the surroundings such as “forest, city, waterway, sea, outdoors, farmland, etc.” 

Any idea of how this info is structured in OSM (if it is at all) or any idea of other maps implementing this (I explicitly avoided the word google ma… ) ;)

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Jan Vansteenlandt
+32 498 53 50 81

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