[OSM-talk-be] SOTM in Brussels - status

Ben Abelshausen ben.abelshausen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 09:31:29 UTC 2016

Hi All,

A small update on the State of the map planning. I hope everyone has seen
our website: http://2016.stateofthemap.org/

We're really getting into the local stuff right now, this means searching
for possible social events (activities we can do with the group), arrange
catering (lunch and drinks during the day) and accommodation.

If there is anyone here with some suggestions/comments on any of these
(social events, catering or accommodation) feel free to let us know. We can
also use some more help in the organizing group itself, let me know if
you're interested.

Actual questions we need answers to:

- Social activities: We need one big one, included in the price, that is
accessible for all attendees and for about 300-600 max and at least one
other activity that is optional. Examples from previous SOTM's are: A boat
trip on the ferry (SOTM-US 2015), a relatively short optional free
activity, an evening in a large bar/café where everyone can eat and drink
something at their own expense (at almost every SOTM), a wine tasting (or
wine-related event) (SOTM-EU, Vienna), ... in short, ideas are welcome! ;-)
Has to be something in Brussels obviously.
- Cheap and decent accommodation near VUB. We're very close on finishing
this but any ideas, hints still welcome.
- A good catering company.
- Audio/video recording/streaming company.

If you don't have any experience with this and want to help, don't worry,
I've never done this before either... ;-)

Will try to keep you all informed as things move along.

We'll also need volunteers on the actual conference days, another email
will be sent asking for volunteers and what this means but it's a bit early
for that. It's also a bit early for a call for speakers but don't worry, I
will also send a notification once that's open. It would be great to have a
few locals on the program! ;-)

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Best regards,

Ben Abelshausen
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