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Arlindo Pereira openstreetmap em arlindopereira.com
Sexta Abril 23 23:33:40 BST 2010

Olha so que foda a proposta de tagueamento para estacionamentos que o cara
fez! Com rendering e tudo... :)



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From: Arlindo Pereira <contato em arlindopereira.com>
Date: 2010/4/23
Subject: Re: OpenStreetMap Parking Proposal
To: Kay Drangmeister <kay em drangmeister.net>

Hi there Kay, sorry for the long time I took to answer. Happy with the
message. Have you been to SoTM 2009? I was there :)

I really liked your proposal, way more than mine with underline, because if
a parser doesn't know about parking:lane but knows about parking=yes, one
could deduce that parking:* means there's some kind of parking, instead of a
different tag like with underscore.

Would you mind moving the page from under your User:page so we can work
together with this proposal?

I'm also slowly changing mine parking_lane to parking:lane (do you suggest a
quick tool to do this?)

Also, I loved that you already hacked Mapnik to render your proposal. Would
you mind rendering this area -
so I can see how it looks like? I live where the map is centered, so
roads are already tagged with parking_lane (and will be changed to
parking:lane ASAP, perhaps when you're reading this I've already manually
changed on Potlatch)

2010/4/21 Kay Drangmeister <kay em drangmeister.net>

Hello Arlindo,
> I'm trying with another email address, because the first one
> might not have worked. Please see below :-)
> Best regards,
> Kay
> ---------------------
> Hello Nighto!
> Warm greetings from Germany. I am very happy that there's another
> similar thinking OSMer halfway around the globe. I just read about
> your parking proposal, and I very much like it.
> I was thinking about quite some time now (a year or so) about the
> very same thing, and came up with a proposal that's almost identical
> to your one, just replace the : in my proposal with _ in yours :-)
> Please have a look:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Kay_D/parking
> I was somewhat reluctant to make it an official proposal before I was
> able to put up a rendering on a big server. I managed to prepare
> a rendering on my PC at home, and I already have allocated space
> on a development server at the osm site.
> Please also have a look here:
> http://parking.openstreetmap.de/
> (Please note: this is still my private PC, slow, sometimes down and all
> that. It is to be replaced in a couple of days with the osm database.)
> I would be very happy if we could combine our efforts. I am a bit limited
> in my knowledge about all the possible parking conditions (I only know
> the german and english ones).
> Would you mind merging our two pages to one official proposal? Please
> note that although our syntax looks a bit different, it is essentially the
> same, and although I like a bit the : because it looks like xml namespace,
> and is already used e.g. in the address tags (please see
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Address) my programming could be
> easily changed, if you wish.
> I could provide you with the main proposal text and some discussion
> text here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User_talk:Kay_D/parking
> If you already have entered some tags on streets, I would be very
> happy to extend the map data to your county (currently I only have
> bavaria, a part of germany; a large part of Würzburg is tagged).
> I think people will only accept a proposal if they can test rendering
> themselves, so I hope I can help you/us with our proposal with it!
> Kind greetings from Würzburg in Germany,
> Kay
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