[Talk-br] CBERS 2B image over Teresopolis

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc em arkemie.com
Sexta Janeiro 14 11:29:46 GMT 2011


A CBERS-2B image from INPE, that shows a part of Teresopolis, and 
unfortunately mostly clouds, taken on 20090904, that covers 27 x 27 km 
with a pixel size of 2.5 m is available in WMS and TMS (better 
performance after first access is cached).

The area covered is shown by http://www.openstreetmap.org/?way=95068676.

For JOSM, in Modify/Preferences/WMS-TMS, click add and copy, as WMS 
service URL:

OR (recommended), copy, in the same area:
and then replace wms: by tms: in the list of imagery providers.

For Potlatch 1, set as background:
(beware, some email clients might omit the third "!")

For Potlatch 2, set as background:

You can use the tag "source=CBERS-2B, INPE, 04-09-2009"

Best regards,


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