[Talk-ca] Tagging of Street names.

Gerald A geraldablists at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 05:24:12 BST 2008

James Ewen said:
>  The thread died before anyone actually discussed the

> North/East/South/West portion...
> [...]
> The wiki mentions that the named street type should be spelt out in
> full. ie. Street, Avenue, Place, Way, Crescent.

> As for the quadrant dilemma, I have been going with the abbreviation.
> Nearly all of Edmonton is in the NW quadrant, with a small portion in
> the NE, and now a growing section in the SW. There is no SE section to
> Edmonton yet. All of the proper addressing is done with the
> abbreviated version used, such as NW rather than spelt out Northwest
> (also note, it would not be North West)

My feeling would be that these too should be spelled out, to be consistent
with the rest of the data. If we don't abbreviate Street and Avenue, it
doesn't make sense to abbreviate direction indications.

Just my 2 cents. :)

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